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Rhythmic gymnastics combines features of acrobatics and dance which make it a graceful and spectacular sport. This special sport does not only focus on flexibility, but also develops positive character traits such as perseverance in pursuit of goals, concentration and self-confidence.


16:00-17:00 AGES 4-6

18:00-19:00 AGES 7-10

19:00-20:00 11 AGES & Up


Gymnastics teacher:

Katarzyna Wieczorek started her dance journey at the age of 4 at Lidia Anczykowska’s “Piruecik” Ballet Studio at Roman Turczynowicz Ballet School in Warsaw. When she was 7 year old she started taking acrobatics classes. From the very beginning, sport turned out to be her greatest passion, and her predispositions led to her transferring to a sports school with rhythmic gymnastics. After several months of training at CWKS Legia, at her first competitions she won the Vice-Champion of Warsaw title, and at the next the Champion of Mazovia.
A year later she also found interest in jazz, modern and contemporary dance. Thanks to numerous trainings and determination, she defended the World Championship title five times. At the age of 17 she knew that she wanted to pursue dance. She went to the United States to train with such choreographers as Mia Michaels, Mandy Moore, Al Blackstone, Tokyo, Misha Gabriel or Wildabeast.
For the past five years she has been coaching rhythmic gymnastics at KSGA Legion Warsaw. She loves working with children and tries to share her passion with them in class.



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